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Core Aim 2


Core Aim 2 - Children and young people have a comprehensive range of education and learning opportunities


Core Aim 2 Priorities for 2011-2014 are;


2a.     Ensure that there is co-ordinated multi agency support and broad entitlement of provision for

          all young people throughout their learning from 8-25 years with specific concentration on

          experiences received at the Key transition points

2b.     Multi agency work with young people in specific vulnerable groups throughout the 8-25 year range to ensure that they can access the support 

          they need to develop solutions to any barriers to their learning and to achieving their full potential


Members of Core Aim 2 will work together to make sure that children and young people aged 8-25 years are supported throughout their learning, and especially through the Key transition points during the 8-14 year phase, the 14-19 year phase and the 19-25 year phase.  Core Aim 2 will also work together to ensure that there is support for the following specific vulnerable groups so that solutions can be developed to any barriers to their learning to enable them to achieve their full potential;

•·         Children and young people with Additional Needs, including medical  needs

•·         Children and young people involved with the Behaviour Support Service

•·         Disabled children and young people

•·         Children and young people to whom English is an additional language

•·         Gypsy Travellers

•·         Looked After Children

•·         Children and young people who are more able and talented

•·         Young people not in Education, Employment or Training (NEETs)

•·         Children and young people involved with the Youth Offending Team

•·         Young Carers


Members of Core Aim 2:

(To follow)

For more information about the work of the Core Aim Groups, please contact the Partnership Support Team on (01437) 776252.

Children and Young People’s Plan for Pembrokeshire 2011-14



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